Get Bitcoin Bonus by Doing Small Jobs

Nowadays many people want to get some Bitcoins. This digital currency made a sensation several years ago. Tracing back to 2009, BTC was not taken seriously by most of the Internet users. From the very beginning, the rate was 1,309.03 BTC to one dollar.

It was easy to get the cryptocurrency, and most people were mining it using the CPU. A few years later, this process became more complicated and energy-consuming. These changes caused the rapid evolution of the extracting devices. Now such hardware costs thousand dollars. Thus, not everyone can afford the expenses to strike ‘gold’.

However, nothing is over. There are lots of ways to taste the virtual money and change it for real cash without spending a capital for expensive components and software. You can search for different jobs paid in BTC via the Internet. Usually, these tasks do not require any specific skills, thus, even children can earn coins for lunches at school. It is real to get a salary while sitting in front of your PC.

Types of Tasks to Obtain Free Bitcoin Bonus

In most cases, such activities are not a highly-paid bonus bitcoin due to their relative ease. We named them so because they require willpower, lots of free time, diligence and persistence. The work to be done may vary from simple clicks on advertisement banners, filling internet survey forms, guessing captchas to writing blogs, posts, and articles on the corresponding topics.bonus bitcoin through micro jobs

Answer Surveys

Answering surveys is one of the popular ways of earning some extra money besides a full-time job. Somebody pays you for your personal opinion.

On an average, for each opinion poll, you can expect about $2-3 that equals 0.0005-0.0007BTC. To receive the reward, you have to provide your Bitcoin address. Funds will be credited automatically after completing the task.

After signing up, a firm will send you an invitation via email address. Create separate emails, register on several websites and increase the number of available assignments per day. Consequently, you can get more BTC. Your income also depends on how fast you can fill out a quiz. Usually, it takes 5-10 minutes.

Remember about scammers in this field. Search for adequate terms. A fair organization will not ask you for entry contributions and any other questionable requirements.

Downloading Apps

Sometimes various firms search for software testers. For instance, a company released a 2D game for Android. It requires fixing bugs and so on. So they hire people for this job. After you joined their testing team, you will be given several instructions.

Generally, checking of one application takes from 15 minutes to an hour. Then, you will need to send a report that proves your activity. For one program you can expect around 0.001BTC.

Freelance for Bitcoin

Another way is freelancing. There is always a chance to find projects close to your interests. There are various design and IT assignments as well as writing tasks.

The Copywriter job is on fire due to thousands of websites appearing every day. You can try your hand at articles, posts, feedbacks and blogs about various things.

Where can we find the employer? Generally, both hirers and workers register on freelance boards which stand as intermediary part. Your salary will depend on the orders. Writing costs around 0.007 Bitcoin for each article or publication. Programming will cost more. There is a chance for you to be invited by a prestigious organization while doing such a work.

Get Bonus Through Bitcoin Forums

If you are an active member of any forum (excellent if it is a Bitcoin-oriented one), then you can earn some Bitcoins by publishing comments, being involved in conversations.

do micro tasks earn bitcoin bonusThe signature campaign is the way to realize this strategy. It is usually organized by some people who are interested in promoting of thematic pages, projects, services, and offers. They create topics and hire people who can actively discuss the issue.

Your income will depend on a rank you have (whether you are a novice, master or veteran). The number of your publications and activities is also important criteria.

Sure, employers prefer active users. How much can you earn? 0.0008BTC per post is a common price.

Get Donations in BTC

If you can offer useful information, for instance, if you own a blog or YouTube channel, you can simply publish your BTC address on your page. There is nothing criminal or shameful in it.

Many developing YouTubers put links to their wallets and sometimes they are given donations. It is a common way to support them. There are a lot of big-hearted people. Your followers can help you a lot.

Micro Tasks We Recommend

All in all, there are lots of ways to earn Bitcoins investing nothing.

Choose those micro jobs that can bring you not just money, but also some other benefits. We mean the activities that can show some potential inside you. You really deserve better than just clicking captchas and get ridiculous pelts, or publishing comments on forums.

Moreover, such activities only take your time and bring actually nothing. We estimate that you will need to play at a BTC Faucet for about NINE YEARS to earn at least one Bitcoin.
We consider freelancing to be the most relevant and beneficial among other jobs in this field as it opens real future perspectives. If you have great writing skills, you can easily become even a research writer.