Bitcoin Casino Games Bonus Benefits

The financial evolution changes each part of our lives. One of them is online gambling. Certainly, many different software providers are competing in the market with this new digital currency. The recognition in variety of countries, ability to be exchanged in a plenty of institutions and the right to purchase lots of goods and order services makes it more valuable and attractive.

Moreover, there are some particular advantages of using it in the casino as well. First is that it allows remaining anonymous, thus, the payment does not require any personal data, bank statements, card number, contact details, etc. Secondly, the withdrawal and deposit processes are instant and have no charge. Hence, it saves money and time. Thirdly, the transactions are really safe as it is well protected from any external interference, so you can be absolutely calm for getting your bitcoin casino bonus.

Games You Can Play in Bitcoin Casino

bonus in bitcoin casino gamesGenerally, the amount of entertainments proposed by usual platforms is the same for cryptocurrency. The style of amusements, their visual effects, and winning process have no changes. However, there are a few nuances. The main one concerns the payment option.

Indeed, along with EUR, USD, GBP, AUD and others, an individual can also use Bitcoin. Statistically, it has less hacker attacks than usual means of transactions. Another important feature is the payout rate.

This modern mean of payment shows the house edge of 0.5-2%. Meanwhile, traditional games have around 85-97% of the RTP.


As an example of the most popular enjoyments, it offers varieties of prizes. Sign-up ones are well spread. Indeed, many web-sites offer special options and outstanding promotions. Registration requires fulfilling a particular form with the name, surname, email and other relevant fields.

After the confirmation of the electronic address, some amount automatically drops into the wallet in the gambling system. The quantity of “coins” depends on the company, developers, time frame, etc. The usual number is 3 BTC, sometimes even 4 for the Texas hold ’em, etc. However, small gambling portals may give only 500 mBTC or even less.

Slots Bitcoin Bonuses

It has wide alternatives of gifts. Due to the specificity of the amusement, the most popular category is free spins. Anyone can easily obtain a number of them for different occasions. For instance, as a deposit bonus, a reward for bringing a friend, for playing using mobile devices, as a daily promotion, etc. Interestingly, they may be issued for using a particular payment method. It allows getting 15-25 tries for free without any supplementary moves.


This entertainment is a favorite for many players, because the casino usually has a low margin and a payout rate is around 95%. Consequently, Blackjack does not have many opportunities to give prizes. However, two of them are taking leading positions: welcome one for the beginners or for those who just entered a table for the very first time and referral bonuses for people who invited other active gamblers. The amount varies from 1 mBTC till 6 BTC.

Bitcoin Bonus in Roulette

If you like adventure games with the pure luck, try the “wheel”. Just place your chip on a certain figure and hope for a good fortune. The most suitable gift within this game is a match present. Usually it offers 100% up to 1 BTC.

So, in case of winning 3 BTC, an individual gets 4, as 100% of 1 BTC is 1, which is also added to the income. The second general gift is cash back. It allows getting money in return for what you spent unsuccessfully. Commonly it is 15-20%. Thus, for wasting 1 BTC, it is possible to get 200 mBTC back for free automatically.

Dice Games

This kind of amusement hardly gets people attached to it for long. Indeed, it complicates the possibility to create a strategy by its essence. Thus, there is a present targeting exactly this part in order to fix the problem.

In gambling world, it has got a title of the reload or monthly bonus. The main purpose is to keep players with this casino. Mainly, it gives a fixed quantity of BTC regularly (usually, each 30 days) for registered players. Averagely, it consists of 500 mBTC, but it may go up to 1 BTC.

What is the Best Bitcoin Game Bonus?

bitcoin casino games prizesSo, which gift among casino amusements is the best one and the most suitable for you? Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer. Certainly, everyone has to consider the number of offered Bitcoins.

Nevertheless, it is hard to compare free spins which give an opportunity to win, match bonuses which permit additional income only after winning ,or deposit ones which depend on the invested amount. So, check the procedure wisely and choose a game, where you can get BTC easily and with less risk.

Then, verify the wagering requirements which set a limit for withdrawing money gained by bonuses. This information should be available at “terms and conditions” page. In any case, each gift is a great thing and any of them can lead you to a great reward!