How to Get Bonus with Bitcoin Exchanges?

Being accepted in lots of countries and popular among young users, such currency has variety of places to switch into fiat options. Special bitcoin bonus is available, depending on the website, the requirement to pay commissions, and the current value of Bitcoin on the market. However, there are some important features to include, considering the company you want to choose for buying or selling electronic money.

Earn Bitcoins via Arbitrage

If you are good at trading and do not afraid to manipulate with cash all the time – this option is the best one. It requires purchasing Bitcoins and vending them with the higher price during the same day.

Indeed, it is a risky process, as there are 24 hours to perform these activities. Thus, the importance to use instant payment methods is huge as well as to know that everything will be on time. If you are scared or unfamiliar with such technique, try small amounts at first.bitcoin trading bonus

Bitcoin Bonus in Speculation

The most favored and commonly used way to trade with such a cryptocurrency is to acquire assets, when the price is lower than expected, and then wait till the most suitable moment. Hence, compared to the above-mentioned approach, there is an unlimited number of hours to find the “right” point.

Interestingly, lots of people would get BTC when the price is high, as it is actually rising gradually each year. The main danger is the case, when money will be needed urgently, as you will sell BTC at any value.

Bitcoin CFDs Profits

Nowadays, the commercial rules have made lots of steps further by permitting new ways to obtain a product. Consequently, there is no restriction to get money by trading about an item without physically possessing such an article. One great example is a “contract for difference”.

Using this technique, two people (or more) look at a current price of BTC at this exact minute, and then, they predict how the number will change in the future. Then they settle a particular time, like in 2 days at 20.00, and try to guess its cost exactly at 8 pm. The looser will pay the difference to the winner.

Leverage Trading

Another great option for marketing is to have a rank higher than your actual one. The worker needs to borrow money from the company and give it back with some small percentage. However, there are risks to put a really high bet. To secure themselves, entities include a restraint of a maximum lending limit.

Exchanges with Binary Options

This is the simplest trading method. In fact, it is a sort of gambling with 2 moves. For instance, the current price (10 am) for 1 BTC is $4,045.4. So, choose “call” if you think that the cost will rise till 5 pm or “put” if it will go down and become less expensive. All the players should put their bets and wait till that particular time. Winners get everything.

The Upside

The binary options are really popular among companies and private individuals. In fact, such process does not even require a throughout knowledge of Bitcoin, as the volatility is really strong. Mainly, people vote for increasing the price of BTC. Indeed, statistic shows that it is growing each consecutive period of time. Thus, the payout rate is quite high as well.

The Downside

Theoretically, the chances are always 50/50. Moreover, considering the number of people involved with frequently modified supply and demand curve, we affirm that the currency is unpredictable and users can easily make a choice in favor of decreasing the cost.

Moreover, the absence of centralization restricts many mathematical calculations to foresee the value. Thus, in many countries there are established limits for the individuals, who can play as people can waste all their savings.get bitcoin bonus with trading

Bitcoin Bonuses through Social Trading

In order to gain some market skills or to get more motivation for betting, you can visit special websites, where lots of persons are trying to deal with each other. Thus, there is an opportunity to see different strategic moves, analyze and even copy them. Moreover, it grants a chance to examine current exchange rates of BTC and to make instant payments/withdrawals.

Largest Bitcoin Exchanges

Platforms that provide their activities for traders and show all current prices of each existed currency are in almost each country that accepts cryptocurrency. For instance, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Coinbase, Kraken, Poloniex are the most widespread. They have licenses to work with US dealers, do not have hidden fees and charges, allow most of the payment options, and offer $3,900-3,950 for 1 BTC. Moreover, they give bonuses for selling/buying for huge amounts.