Bitcoin Casino Bonus Definition

Gambling is a really popular way to get additional income and to spend time alone or enjoying it with your friends. However, sometimes people have no money or lack of desire to play and to discover new entertainments. A variety of gifts encourages users and facilitates the process in another direction. In fact, the scope of advantages is huge and it involves lots of benefits. Thus, presents may give additional income, a possibility to test new products, to explore special features of an amusement, to participate in a competition, etc.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

In the beginning, when online games just created a separate market, there were only a few options for individuals. Nowadays, developers upgraded the range of rewards and included there dozens of new categories. Normally, they are all divided into those, which require investments into the platform, and which don’t demand so. However, there are certain types, which can be issued in both situations, and bitcoin bonus, that can appear in combination with others. We will introduce only the most important ones.

Welcome Package

bitcoin casino bonusObtain few mBTC by registering on the website of the casino! This is the easiest ways to start your bright future as a player. Hence, it may ask for an email, a well secured password, name and surname.

Afterwards, you may have to confirm your profile. Automatically, FREE BITCOIN should enter the account. Commonly, matches are the most spread award type in this block.

They give an owner additional percentage to the income, according to those which were put on the gambling wallet.


Welcome gift combination is great. However, individuals without experience and a smart strategy may not manage to organize it well, and they frequently lose everything. Moreover, different withdrawing restrictions, wagering requirements and other limitations of casinos might demand higher amount of money in order to take it out. Thus, consequent investments may solve this problem. A positive moment here is that management of the venue can provide around 25%-100% more to the deposit up to 1-3 BTC.

No Deposit

The above-mentioned type satisfy majority of people as it doesn’t require putting some personal savings. It reduces the risk and a possibility to have negative feelings after playing. So, there is a net of presents which are issued for the reasons: for bringing a friend, for staying longer with the casino, for writing some feedback, for registry or without any obvious reason!

Reload Bitcoin Casino Bonus

This is another way to keep gamblers and to make them enjoy amusements longer. In short, it has the same structure as welcome packages. Nonetheless, it works on a regular basis, not only once. For instance, such bonus can give 10% more for the second financing, 10% for the third and 10% for the fourth one. Thus, an individual can predict the amount of assets in the future by simple calculations and, afterwards, estimate his/her capabilities.


Do you have a lot of friends or good communication skills? Use this opportunity to obtain even more BTC. Regularly, software platforms include a special reward for bringing new players by giving them a special link to enter a website and to register. However, only active persons will make sure that you will obtain some income. Thus, only playmates who validated the profile and deposited will give you extra points. Sometimes, venues allow inviting only one or two, up to 20 fellows. Nevertheless, normally there is no limitation and each next user adds even more cash.


Currently, the market of online amusements is full of different companies and institutions, which are ready to host other visitors. The competitiveness forces these entities to create relevant programs, which enable to hold profitable persons. Thus, a grading system divides clients into many groups, depending on the length of staying with casino, the amount of bets, etc. Each higher rank allows obtaining additional gifts, get a VIP level, acquire an entrance to tournaments and other advantages.

High Roller

bonus in bitcoin casinoThe status does not have exceptional conditions: everyone potentially can gain it. There are 2 common ways: to invest lots of money and play with huge stakes all the time, or to win a personalized invitation.

The quantity of extraordinary features for whales varies in casinos. Mainly, it includes a remarkable treatment, significant benefits in most of the games, an assistant, a lower commission for withdrawing and many others.

General Inference

Regardless to the bonus program, all of them offer a great opportunity to discover amusements longer, having less risk. Moreover, Bitcoin bonuses are always higher due to a great exchange rate. Nevertheless, each gift has its own rules and terms, gambling restrictions, particular limitations, wagering requirements, etc. Notwithstanding, without such rewards many famous players would not become “stars”. So, do not miss all new promotions and sign in for newsletters.