Join Affiliate Programs – Earn Bitcoin Bonus

If you dream to earn lots of cash without any activities, this article should show a right direction to go. Such passive income is the best way to save time and to spend it with your friends, family, doing some sports, etc.

The system works well with good and reputable websites, which want to increase the number of visitors and to obtain more money. Thus, the portals offer a small contribution to people who are ready to advertise their products by any means (obviously legal ones). So, it seems as a win-win situation, everyone will gain relevant profit.

Affiliate Mechanism

The process of bitcoin referral bonus is quite simple and it includes only a few steps. Firstly, sign up for a new Bitcoin account (unless there is registered one) and find the personal number. Secondly, look for a source, which will be ready to pay additional assets to those, who will expand the awareness of it for different groups of people.

After obtaining an accord, the website will generate a special URL. So, use such a code in all possible ways and hope to get potential clients. Afterwards, each individual, who will purchase some products automatically, gives you 5-15% (depends on the agreement) of the total price.

Usually, payments from the company include limitation regarding the number of referrals or, for instance, payouts can be performed after making 3 deals with 3 different customers, etc.
bitcoin bonus via affiliate program

CPA Model

There are two main techniques to gain the profit through the affiliate system. The first one is called the “cost-per-acquisition”. It is the best option for those, who want to get instant money. Thus, it commonly includes easy tasks, such as: to fill in forms or surveys, to sign in a special offer online, to download a small software (without the necessity to install it), to make a purchase, etc.

Usually, there is a fixed amount of payment from the company for each action. Importantly, you can earn the commission in Bitcoin or in any fiat equivalent. We advise choosing BTC as it gives more cash in the end.

Revenue Share

Another great possibility is a RevShare, which is generally created for long-term clients. This type is really popular as it can bring money for years. The main idea is to gain a certain percentage from the total income of the referrals. For example, the entity agrees to give 5% (it goes even up to 25%) of the earning and a person, who used your link, acquired 20 BTC. Thus, your profit is 1 BTC (20 * 0.05).

Bitcoin Bonus Services

Certainly, the currency became so attractive in different countries that it is used in lots of areas. There are special affiliate programs even for transactions in Bitcoin by a particular payment method, its exchange, etc. In some cases, there is additional income if the trade happens among people that physically near each other. The assets typically go to the e-wallet and can be withdrawn without limitations and hidden requirements.

Get Bitcoins via Promoting Casino Websites

Gambling platforms have been the most faithful actors to operate this feature. Definitely, software providers are ready to pay lots of cash to those, who will advertise their products or special websites with a possibility to enjoy the amusements.

You may find a 30, 40 or even 50% commission of the referral’s profit for an agent. Basically, it allows gaining 0.1-0.2 BTC per day. Moreover, the RevShare model permits to get passive earnings during the whole gaming history of the actual player.
affiliate programs to get bitcoin bonus

BTC Investment Platforms

Additionally, to the above-mentioned possibilities to obtain a reward, special web portals give extra cash for bringing investors. In other words, affiliates have to deposit a certain amount of BTC (in case there is no limitation) of these websites.

Automatically, such an action will grant a few percents of that quantity. There is a wide range of the bonus portion, from 3 till 20%. Ordinarily, such entities settle a limit of 10 or 20 Bitcoin per one transaction. It helps predict loses and modify the commission.

Size of Bitcoin Bonus

Conclusively, let’s agree that this mechanism is a great tool to get money without hard activities. Indeed, it requires sharing the URL on many forums, social networks, personal pages and any other sites with lots of visitors.

Afterwards, the work is done and the only thing to do is to wait. The more you distributed the link, the higher the profit. Regularly, it is around 0.01-0.1 BTC per day. It means that it makes up to 3 BTC per month! So, do not hesitate and become a part to obtain easy money.