Overview of Ways to Earn Bitcoin Bonus

Bitcoin investment has a high ROI. Fortunately, you can obtain it free of charge through a bonus. Besides, there are many ways to get these cryptocurrencies by making fewer investments of your fiat money, time and perseverance. All BTC rewards are divided into blocks: gambling, trading, lending promos, faucets and even making profits through affiliates.

Bitcoin Casino Bonus Types

Bitcoin casinos offer various kinds of incentives to their new and existing clients as a means of retaining them and making them to keep wagering. In fact, licensed B-coin operators are very few in number. You can find the fullest list of reputable online casinos with Bitcoin bonuses on site. Gambling in these betting houses will give you a lot of benefits.

First, your identity will not be known because, with BTC, you are not divulging any of your bank and personal details to anybody. Secondly, it is very simple to stake with this well-known cryptocurrency. You don’t need to have prior experience before you will be able to use it. Third, normally, transactions in bitcoin do not attract any service fee and in most cases, they are completed instantly.

The last advantage of gaming Bitcoin sites is that such rooms are reputable that give risk-free gameplay. The most worrying downside of this decentralized currency is that it is very volatile and it is possible for it to lose value even when an investor does not expect it.

No Deposit Bonus

types of bitcoin bonuses No deposit bonus is an appreciation shown to new players once they register and before they put any money into their account. How to get such incentives? It can be found right on the website bonus page, different affiliate sites.

Besides, there are coupon codes with a simple combination of letters and digits, entering which player activates the prize.

No deposit bitcoin promos have different variations. You can be rewarded with up to 40 or 100 FS. Usually, BTC gaming establishments give a higher amount of bitcoins than fiat money.

New entrants can receive up to 2BTC which is more than $10,000 based on the current rate of coins today. Some staking rooms will let you withdrawing your earning when all conditions are satisfied. These are called cashable rewards. Non-cashable promotions which you can only use to wager also exist.

Bitcoin Promo with Deposit

Betting clubs also motivate their customers deposited more than once with different kinds of incentives. Such encouragement can come as reload bonus, match your deposit, free spins, VIP programs, cashbacks, refer-a-friend and others. Also conditions like WRs, selected games are attached to them. The amount given as inducement is not the same for all wagering houses. Some offer as many as 5mBTC, 50 to 100 FS, 25% (more or less) match bonus up to $500.


Every gambling operator wants to increase its customer base. This is why many of them induce old players to get new clients for them through what is regarded as a referral link bonus. A player will be presented with a certain percentage of the initial deposit made by the pal you bring to the betting house.

The sweetener can also come in the form of FS. Each casino has its unique package which can be up to 200%. In this case, if the person funds his/her account for the first time with 0.5BTC, extra 1BTC will be added to the balance.

VIP Scheme

Betting houses have VIP clubs for clients that have stayed with them for a long time. Participants are given a lot of appealing perks such as lower WRs, reduced the min winning sum, higher conversion rate of comp points, tickets to the first class resort, shows, and event, accommodation in luxury hotels, free-of-charge buffets, etc. They are also gifted with higher bonuses of about 1 or more BTC.

High Roller Gifts

Many gambling operators have special promos for gamers that wager with a huge sum. These bettors are called high rollers. Bonuses for whales can match your deposit promo of about 300% up to $10,000, immediate cash-out, quick gameplay modes, etc.

Some websites add big spenders to their VIP clubs without demanding further requirements. In Bitcoin, your match bonus can be up to 0.5BTC to 1BTC or more. Look through the whole spectrum of Bitcoin bonuses here:

Bitcoin Casino Games with Bonus

Games that can be wagered with bitcoins are blackjack, roulette, dice games, Baccarat, Video Poker, craps, 3D slots and live dealer casino. Promos for these amusements include reduced juice, reload prizes, free bets, welcome promotions, refer-a-friend bonus, loyalty and VIP programs, sportsbooks, etc. With these incentives, you will get more playing time or more bitcoins to your account.

Short Bitcoin Casino Reviews – How to Claim and Withdraw Promo

ways to get bitcoin bonuses

It’s pretty easy to fund your balance with B-coin. The first step is to create your purse’s account. There are basically two kinds of wallets to choose from, namely, web & software wallets.

The former is less protected but its usage is quite most expedient and simplest. Examples of them are Coinbase, Xapo, and Blockchain. Otherwise, to use the latter on your PC or mobile device, you have to download the software.

They are protected than web wallets because they do not involve the third party services and they are totally under control of the user. Examples of well-known types are Multibit, Bitcoin Core and Armory. Playing with this digital currency requires only your online BTC address to fund your bankroll or withdraw your earnings.

Depending on a casino you are registered with, the bonus can be transferred directly into your account or you can use a bonus code to claim it. You can withdraw your earnings in Bitcoin or fiat money. One good thing about BTC transactions is that they are handled quickly with some being completed instantly and some taking just about 30 minutes or less.

Get Bonus with Bitcoin Faucets and Micro Tasks

A bitcoin faucet refers to a website that offers a few of tokens as incentives to their visitors. The aim is to make the recipients develop the interest in BTC so that after using up the free coin, they will purchase more. Faucets are available in different types which include loyalty, referral, and mystery bonus.

In the loyalty promo, regular users of BTC are rewarded with a certain percentage of the total amount of bitcoin they claim on a daily basis. Referral prizes are for people that register others through their referral links. Mystery inducements are really mysterious in nature. The procedure is not laid down so it seems quite random.

Faucets are the tool that gives out a very tiny amount of B-coins. Certain conditions are attached to these bonuses before they can be utilized. There’re different websites providing the service. The amount can vary 0.01, 0.0005 or even 0.2BTC in a week.

Bitcoin Trading Offer

As all currencies can be traded on the Forex, Bitcoin, in the same way, can be bought, sold, and traded. Any conversion is made due to price volatility. When the price falls, it’s the best time to acquire and afterward sell coins when their m.v. increases. Day trading with BTC present various perk with the strategies like arbitrage, margin with leverage, contracts like CFDs.

The simplest and risk-free methods to trade and get yield is BTC arbitrage trading. The process is very fast – you need to buy at the very low price and then immediately sell bitcoins at a higher rate. When you speculate, you meet the same steps except for one nuance – you’ll know exactly the price to sell bitcoin.

Margin or leverage – is the same trading, but you can borrow money from the lender. This money is not free, the broker charges the interest on that sum. There is also the kind of trading as binary options. The main feature is that you can trade on falling and increasing within a specific period of time.

bitcoin bonuses types

The last sort of trading is futures CFD. The profit is made by raising or decreasing the price for the agreement. This implies if your assumption about changes in cost is correct, you will make some gaining. So you’ll get the difference. In case of a negative expectation, you’ll lose.

Some of the exchanges use such types of trading. Among these platforms, there are CEX.IO, AvaTrade, StackExchange, Bitfinex, and Plus500 and some others.

Get % Interest in Lending of B-Coins

When you’re a Bitcoin owner, you can easily make profits with it by lending. You understand this correctly – giving out BTC to different people who need them.  You can receive between 3 to 7% on your BTC on a monthly basis. The principle is the same as a bank loan.

Yes, of course, you can make much yield from this business but sometimes you can’t avoid risks that can be met. If the person borrowed bitcoins will not perform the obligation, you’ll lose your digital coins. There are ways to perform the lending:

  • Loaning out directly to a person well known to you based on mutual agreement with the deal terms;
  • Peer-to-peer websites bring borrowers and lenders together (these are like brokerage listing borrowers for interested large bitcoin owners willing to make extra money from giving loans to somebody there).

Benefit with Bitcoin Affiliate Websites

Such programs aimed to provide part of the profits made by generating traffic to the promoted source. You create an account there and get the unique referral link, place this link on your page. Income can be made by two models: a revenue share and/or CPA. And earn 3% or more commission on purchases transacted via your link.
bitcoin bonus - ways to get

Overview of the Largest Cryptocurrencies: Trends and Market Cap

Over the last 8-10 years, there are hundreds of crypto coins have appeared on the market. Many of these coins failed and some have become the true leaders. Their market cap gained the peak from hundreds to many billions. Here we’ll show the best ones.

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin is a decentralized currency which means no bank or any other authority involved in transferring coins. 2009 was the first time we’ve heard about Bitcoin from an unknown person or group of persons that used a pseudo name “Satoshi Nakamoto”.

1 Aug 2017 was very important as there was a fork in bitcoin blockchain and new coin called Bitcoin Cash had appeared. The creation of BCC/BCH was as a result of lack of arrangement among the industry managers on the best way to expand the digital network so that more transactions can be completed per block on an everyday basis.

Currently, the capitalizations of BTC and BCC on the markets are incredible and have reached $71,260,395,591 and $7,308,952,178 respectively. The hash protocol of BTC is SHA256 which is much higher than that of BCH. This is why mining in BCC takes longer time than that of BTC.

Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

In 2013 Vitalik Buterin had presented Ethereum. He was only 19 year old and worked as a crypto BTC programmer on making up for the bitcoin shortcomings. His innovation and difference from Bitcoin were in few approaches: he increased the speed of generation the blocks in the blockchain. He also added the feature that applications on the computer can also run on the Ethereum network and.

Although, after hacking DAO system, some developers denied to accept changes aimed to stop further scamming. And this situation had caused the split of Ethereum network and launching a new one – Ethereum Classic on 30/07/2015. Its technology is very similar to the initial network. The total supply – 1920000 blocks. Hashing power had comprised 10 percent and increased a bit later.

The current market cap of Ethereum at the present time of writing this is $28,527,007,040. This number gave the cryptocurrency the second place in the list of most traded cryptocurrencies. Ethereum classic has a lower market value of $1,246,106,766.


Dash technology is almost the same as Bitcoin one. Its prior benefit in the anonymity. It has stronger protective code than bitcoin has. Dash also provides instant payment. It was launched on 18 January 2014 as Darkcoin, but it was renamed on 25 March 2015.

The current market value of this cryptocurrency is $2,491,980,656. The currency is quite growing fast and it has the most active altcoin community. The hashing protocol on which it was created is X11.

methods to earn bitcoin bonuses


Ripple was introduced in 2012 to function as a currency exchange and remittance network as well as a real-time gross settlement system. Though it has a developer, the company has no control over it and cannot wind it down as it is decentralized. Its current market capitalization as at the time of writing of this is $7,568,307,511.


Litecoin is a decentralized open source system created in October 2011 that can be used to make payment to another person regardless of their location. There is also no chargeback involved. It has a higher storage efficiency. Its market cap is $2,896,537,820.


Monero was introduced in April 2014 as BitMonero before the name was shorted to Monero five days after it was introduced. Currently, it is trading at $94.97 per 1 token, but it has a capitalization value of $1,439,235,766. Every owner manages their own account as if they are their own bank. Deals are untraceable because it uses crypto protocol.

ICO List: Benefits for Investing in Tokens

ICO is an acronym for Initial Coin Offering. It is an uncontrolled channel through which cryptocurrency startups raise money to fund their new project. It is a type of digital money that can be sold or purchased as tokens in a similar manner with shares purchased by investors at IPO deals.

Many cryptocurrency startups go for it because there are no regulations and strict process to undergo before they are obtained. Enthusiasts and backers of any ICO campaign invest in it with the expectation that its value will rise after it has been successfully launched. It gives a high ROI if the outcome is positive.

However, if the money raised during the campaign stage is not up to the amount required to execute the venture, they will be given back their money and it will be considered as a failed project. Typical examples of unsuccessful campaigns are DAO, PayCoin, and Dogecoin. Purchases are normally made online with blockchain tokens such as cryptocurrency, digital assets, and app coins.